Taien Sahul – the ripper lizard

A small dinosaur common in scrublands and deserts. The ripper lizard, as the people of Telse call it, is deadly in packs.

Fighter: Conscript, version 1.3

You are a light fighter who once served as a conscript in a standing army or militia. While there you learned the horrors of war. You also learned how to survive. You fought with what was available. Then, the war ended.

Arise & Descend Session One: Goblin Ambush

Awf Hornjaw et Loragwyn, a gold dwarf battleaxe wielding wizard, left his homes because he heard of a goblin threat near Neverwinter. In Neverwinter Awf met some industrious souls in the city. Karkom Hammerstone, that wonderful axe and hammer dwarf, knows how to share an ale and those massive arms look like they’d be strong…