Crew of an large airxip

How to adapt a simulationist mindset to 5e D&D rules as pertains to crews of naval and aerial vessels.


Session Report: Making friends with Goblins

With a dozen or so PCs at the island inn and more than a dozen rescued civilians the island is crowded. They need to find arable land within the city, as well as ruins that can be quickly rebuilt by the caravansary families. These two session start as a tale of exploration, include some violence,…

Sessions 12-15: Rescue and Escape

Updating progress for The Five has been difficult for a bit. This shall sum up their activities over the last four sessions. Mansaray is still somewhere in the Western Wildes as his falcon is stays close to Aamar. Shonie stayed in Telse and works to provide some information to her companions via messenger pigeon to…