Cast of Characters

These are short biographies of the cast of characters whether adventurers, allies, enemies, people with unclear motives. Some will feature in game sessions only. Others will have a series of short stories that tell their story.

The Five – West to the Glass Tower

Samul – A human barbarian (beserker) from a small island south of Gate. He later served in the pits of Gate. He has a bearded dragon (lizard) named Boo. Samul’s largest goal in life is to buy freedom for his beloved.

Aamar – A human cleric of Quar who sees the faith as one tied to nature, rather than prophet. The near-druid is accompanied by a bear cub, Bernie.

Behn – The halfling artist discover his barely contained magic on the quest. This sorcerer’s companion is a pack dog, Mitzie, who he bonded with on the way to Telse.

Saffron – She comes from Kirtin where she leaves no family, but single friend (Teegan) who suggested she head to Telse. Saffron, sometimes goes by other names, is a Bard who searches for stories to tell. Her sled dog Barkley reminds her of home.

Shonie – She retired after the group returned to Telse. The halfling and companion retriever Hilltop maintain a retrieval company in the city. They also sometimes pass notes on Telsian affairs to the group. Retired.

Maurice – Halfling rogue-liberator from Fort Ooshar. He follows in his father’s footsteps searching for the Lorebook, and his father. Mo has a small red fox named Edgar. Maurice was to be part of the original seven that left Telse for the West, but had an incident with a goliath. That goliath served jail time.

Mansaray – From River Crinth he wandered the west searching for lost lore regarding the tribes of the North. He met the group at The Glass Tower. None have seen the ranger since the volcanic eruption. This goliath ranger’s falcon stays close to Aamar. The falcon let’s the group know that Mansaray and to the west, somewhere. Mansaray escaped slavery in Azsel. Mansaray returned with a clue as to other Lorebook Hunters captured by Chorl.

Ixnyx – A goblin The Five rescued from captivity. This thief-mastermind was the translator on Airxip Ixkon and cared not for the rebellion. She has cast her lot with the group and continues her work as a translator, now for The Five.

Ajhenas – A human serving in the 40th Flight of Kirtin, a light infantry unit in the standing forces, he woke in the bog city of Sheljar when The Five rescued him from the river. His unit was chasing Parun’s forces when they were ambushed. He does not know if they survive. He has a great blue heron named Laurel.

Doceo – Hailing from southern Kirtin, Doceo has two large mastiffs (Vondal and Delg) that pull his cart. He’s available for hire whenever he’s not working for his family, and sometimes when he is. Doceo and Telley joined The Five after Ajhenas helped them rescue half the caravansary families.

Telley – the Bell’an’fair born Cleric of Selley dedicate his life, to life. The moon goddess influences everything this man and his three terriers do. He was at the Caravansary when Parun raided it.

Brazz – is an intelligent goliath tinker that wants to discover how things work. His little chickens keep him better company than other Kin. Brazz hails from a small farm between Ooshar and Telse.

Els – She comes from an island group off the west coast of Daoud. The ranger is joined by her panther companion (Darkwynd).

Kuda – A Shield of Kirtin, this human paladin is searching for the Lorebook to keep his nation safe.


Mayor Kellamon Sqoques – Halfling, raised in Azsel, former manager of the family farm from which Piyu escaped. The two became friends through tragedy  and Kell abandoned the slaving ways of his homeland, eventually ruling his adopted hometown. He has three terriers now, but used to have two tracking hounds.

Captain Piyu – Goliath, raised in Azsel on Sqoques farm, he now is the Captain of the Guard. His heron, Fani, is now older than old, almost never leaving the Captain’s offices. Piyu rules a standing force of a few dozen.

Corporal Allison – Late teen human that was appointed Corporal of Militia in Telse. Her parents are not known to the general populace, but seems to be co-adopted by Piyu and Kellamon. Allison’s companion is a ram. She is in charge of the militia when it musters.

Elder Sealm – Goalith, raised and leads Goliath community in Upper Telse. A mystic with knowledge beyond the few dozen souls in the highlands.

Caravansary Families – Two human, one halfling family in the dying community at the intersection of Sheljar and Ooshar roads. The Five helped solve their goblin problem and are free to stock up on food and information from Telse here. Parun took them captive and burned down their villa, only 14 survived. Those now live on Sheljar.

37 Denizens of Sheljar  – 14 refugees from the caravansary; 15 gobkon refugees (1 gob, 9 hobs, 5 muls), 5 pirates, 3 sailors from Qin

Questionable Motives

Bishop Ollium – Human cleric of Quar. The highest religious leader in the Western Wildes. He has a penchant for profiteering while managing access to the Everflow.

Brother Nils (deceased) – Sealm’s grandson. This Goliath was frustrated at not being chosen to represent Telse in the Quest for the Lorebook.

Cortez – An ancient Goliath sage wizard who has a few screws loose. Was willing to blow up a volcano in order to stop Chorl. He is a Scholar. Likely dead at the hands of the Proctors of Grace.


Chorl – Human student of Cortez’s. Chorl believes that the Kin and beasts shall become one. May have died in the volcano. He is a Scholar. Wants the Lorebook. Being hunted by Proctors of Grace.

Obsconites – This apocalyptic cult sees the Awakening as hastening the bonds of the earthly world. They are willing and able to help it in order to hold higher positions in their next home. Currently they control the Western Tower and ghettos.

Parun (deceased) – Human Ranger from Azsel on a mission to retrieve Mansaray. Parun is also the Azsel ambassador to Telse. He wants Cortez’ Lorebook. Parun uses a whip of wounding.

Willan (deceased) – Halfing Rogue from Fort Ooshar. Was a companion of Mo’s father, now seems to operating in along the South River from Telse to Qin. His children are a gang in Ooshar.

Esmet Fallaugher – Human from House Greysterm of Qin. It is the Second House of Qin, responsible for land trade with Telse and the West. This ambassador to Telse tried to bribe Behn. Esmet wants Cortez’ Lorebook.

The Necromancer (deceased) – An mage that brings false life to the remains of Sheljar. He had a small Lorebook with necklaces and robes with a strange symbol on them. The Necromancer was accompanied by a ghost dog. The Five took over The Necromancer’s temple, the Library of Sheljar and then eliminated the mage.

Other Scholars – There are other scholars and students that none of the groups have met yet. They have full access to magic, Lorebooks, Lorebook-like things, enjoy wiping the minds of those who learn of their oppression of divine and arcane powers. Most major cities of Kin should be assumed to have a Scholar with one to three students.

Proctors of Grace – This group is chasing down the scholars and destroying them for violating the trust they once had. The dwarf that the Five Met claims that the Proctors separated the races, and forbid magic in the Lands of the Everflow.