Bonds of Kin

The bond is a complex psychic connection that takes months to earn and lasts a lifetime. A bonded pair always know the direction of the other, as well as a rough estimate time it would take to re-unite. When a bond dies the Kin is weakened both physically and mentally.

These animal companions are throughout the lands of Kin. Homes include bedding for smaller bonds as well as entry passages. A stable or barn is part of the house, as valued members of the family live there. Small birds may fetch spices. There are horses for fighting, for pulling, for fetching. Some tribes in Crinth ride unconventional mounts. In the south of Dauod and Mehmd there are monkeys trained to man bellows in smithies or turn wheels helping potters.

More than just emotional companions a bond is a tool that helps the person live a better life. More than just emotional companions the people are tools that help the bonds live better lives. It is co-operative and natural.

Since many Goliaths bond with several birds, the threat to the birds often leads to surrender. Eliat is reported to have bonded with over 100 sparrows when he was captured by Azsel. Despite being a fierce fighter, the potential loss of his flock would have killed him. He surrendered swiftly. His flock and its offspring are held in the capital. Eliat is now kept on the war front with just one bird, Naxs.

The bonding process is such that it develops over time, usually during adolescence. Sometimes this means a companion without “purpose.” It could be a cow, a goat or chickens. They are still loved and beloved within the family group.Chickens in the wild

Usually one’s family helps compel the bonding process, introducing the teen Kin and the adolescent animal together through ceremonies that vary by culture. Some towns and cities have bonding ceremonies. Other communities send them out to the wilderness together.

These days forced together start the connection. It grows until it reaches a point when animal and person generally know where the other is and how to get there. They often work together through simple commands and a language of a couple dozen words. Things they do regularly need no command.

Bonding is part of being Kin. It is like the ability to speak, or think. It is. As halflings are nimble and work together, as goliaths are large loners, as humans civilize the world, they bond. These bonds are part of history, they are part of pre-history. Kin lacks knowledge or legend of a time before bonding. Unlike magic, there is not a lost era.

Bonding is.

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