Fighter: Conscript, a concept in need of tuning

In general I’m fascinated with Tier 1 play. But there’s another trope that I enjoy — the old-timer who retreated from the life of adventure and war, but who for some reason gets called back into it. They’ve done their best to avoid violence. Instead violence seeks them out. The Fighter: Conscript (final name TBD) has seen things. Things no one else should see.

When they get the call to return to their former life they are no longer concerned with having the best weapon and the best armor. Their wits and experience taught them that any tool can be used for any job.

Design Goals

With this subclass the desire was to build a character who attempted to retire from their life of violence. They still know how to fight, they just stopped. Then, for whatever the cause, they re-entered the realm of warfare. Most often this transition occurs when they are on their farm, in their tavern, working their forge.

They use the weapons at hand and the armor of peasants, and yet fight like the mightiest warriors. The build should support the use of simple weapons and lesser armors with Strength being the primary stat.

Fighter: Conscript

You are a light fighter who once served as a conscript in a standing army or militia. While there you learned the horrors of war. You also learned how to survive. You fought with what was available.

Now you attempt to forget your past. Your neighbors may look at you as a hero or a villain. That depends on your behavior and their opinion of the forces for which you fought. You just go about your days, an expert smith/carpenter/vintner/etc.

But recently you’ve felt the call. You are duty bound to pick up your sickle, spear, gambeson, and well-worn boots. It is time to defend the people again.

Tough as Nails

Starting at third level you may choose to use your Strength bonus to Armor Class rather than Dexterity when wearing any light armor, hide, or scale mail.

Plowshares into Swords

At third level you gain the following abilities as a reflection of your life after service.

  • You are proficient in improvised weapons.
  • All non-martial weapons gain +1 to damage.
  • You are an expert at a tool of your choice (not Disguise, Forgery, Poisoner, Thieves).
  • After combat you may take 1 minute and recover your spent ammunition or thrown weapons. At the end of your next short rest all may be used as if functional.

Wise Beyond Years

At seventh level you gain proficiency in Insight and Intimidation. If you already have one or both of these skills you may take any Charisma Wisdom skill instead.
This feature is supposed to represent leadership similar to sergeants or lower officers.

Heart of the Lion

At tenth level you are noted for refusal to give up the fight. You have advantage on saving throws that would impose the following conditions: Charmed, Exhaustion, Frightened, or Stunned.

Rally from Defeat

At 15th level you may inspire your teammates. When an ally within 30 feet fails a saving throw that causes damage you may use a reaction to grant them temporary hit points equal to your level + your Charisma Wisdom bonus and they may reroll the saving throw. They must accept the second result. Your ally must be able to hear you. This ability may be used three times per short rest.

Bones of Steel

At 18th level you may choose to use your Strength bonus as a bonus to Armor Class no matter what armor you wear. You cannot use both Dexterity and Strength. Your bonus is not subjected to a limit based on the armor.


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